Sus Relations Trade

February 19, 2013

For many years, Venezuela has maintained a dynamic commercial relationship with the largest country of Latin America, this has made it very dependent on Brazilian products. Of course, the above adds the impossibility of Venezuela of being an active member of Mercosur, by the many impediments that has put the Brazilian Congress and non-acceptance style of leadership that President Hugo Chavez not very developed yet criticized by some congressmen of that country. For those who are interested in the politics of commercial trade between the two countries, there are aspects that cannot be ignored. Especially by scholars of international trade. Is known, Brazil for being the country with the highest number of inhabitants of South America, major in territorial space, largest in number of companies and high potential of competitiveness, is considered as the of most commercial scale, so the current situation about the entry of Venezuela and its surroundings within MERCOSUR on the basis of these premises are the following; In Brasilia, Brazil, June 18 2009.-the Senate had convened for July 9, 2009 a final and comprehensive public hearing to discuss the accession of Venezuela to Mercosur, before the final vote in the legislature. With this situation one can mention missing still definitive of the Congress of Brazil approval so that Venezuela is already a full member. But the truth is that it was postponed and additionally now the Congress of Paraguay and its legislators will return to discuss the approval or rejection of Venezuela to MERCOSUR, said official Senator Carlos Filizzola. So you will have to wait for a new Summit of leaders of the MERCOSUR with the full members Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. Venezuela aspires to that once and for all is you can venture into the Mercosur for its commercial development, there are many expectations that with this incursion froze more opportunities for the country in trade and cultural exchange to mention a few, which means that scopes would be of high caliber and at the same time risk by great competitiveness that exists in the business sector within this very important agreement.

New Kosovos

February 18, 2013

The UN recognized the independence of the 23 republics which previously formed part of Socialist federations of Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union. However, he was hesitant to accept the sovereignty of some internal regions that these Republics had taken. Once it has been recognized the separation of the province of Kosovo to Serbia, then the legal possibility opens to other nations who exercise de facto independence seek to join the UN. These are the cases of the pro-Russian republics of Transdniestria in Moldova and Abkhazia and Georgia in South Ossetia. Washington accepted the independence of Kosovo because he wanted to undermine his Serbian rival and because it wants to enter the EU. However, it cannot accept split to friendly countries like Moldova and, especially, Georgia. Russia stands as the great protector of these three republics, although in its own territory it has repressed brutally to Chechnya when it declared its sovereignty. National self-determination is a principle that proclaim Bush and Putin but that both subordinated to its ambitions. Original author and source of the article.

Tourism Aesthetic

February 17, 2013

Located in the Centre of Europe, Switzerland is home to part of the Alps, as well as official languages and many ethnic groups. Germans make up the majority of the population, almost a 65%, while the French and Italians make up 18% and 10%, respectively. A trip to Switzerland is like traveling to Germany, Italy and France, without leaving the country! For example, a lunch time you can enjoy Wiener Schnitzel and beer in a Biergarten of German property, and for dinner you can enjoy Merlot Italian meal with pasta in a grotto of granite. In addition, Switzerland is well known as a paradise for summer and winter sports, with peaks of the Alps reaching over 13,123 feet (4000 meters) and many picturesque, favorable Lakes for outdoor activities outdoor. Switzerland is a perfect place to perform aesthetic tourism. It has large private hospitals located in Lausanne, Bern and Geneva.While prices in Switzerland are not so cheap in comparison with other destinations, it is home to world-renowned surgeons cosmetics (also known as artists) and is becoming a popular place for aesthetic tourism by its personalized attention and worldwide fame, and medicinal spas that are conducive to the healing process. The most popular procedures sought after by travelers of aesthetic tourism in Switzerland are the treatments of medical spa, aesthetic surgery, IVF treatment, neurosurgery, obesity surgery and orthopaedic surgery.However, the Swiss hospitals also offer many other procedures such as dentistry, laser eye surgery, and laser hair removal.

Canary Islands Government

February 9, 2013

He studied high school in the Instituto Perez Galdos, where his teacher the avant-garde poet Agustin Espinosa, author of crime, a work considered to be the ultimate expression of Spanish surrealism. In 1932 is affiliated to the Communist Party. When he was about to travel to Madrid to continue the studies of philosophy and letters, the war provoked by the military rebellion of general Franco dashed their hopes. He is arrested and taken to the concentration camp of La Isleta, in 1938 was exiled along with his father to Lanzarote. It is subsequently mobilized and have to go to the front. In 1941 he joined the Transmediterranea company, company which remains until his retirement. In 1947 is one of the co-founders of the Ark collection. A new spot for poetry collection creates little later with their brothers Jose Maria and Manuel.

Halfway through the sixties, appears, with quarterly periodicity, the literary magazine thousands, also linked to his family. The Canary Islands Government granted in 1985 the Canary Islands Prize for literature. Agustin Millares Sall published 1929 his first poem the ship of death, in the journal La Obrera voice. Between his abundant work, include the following titles: dream adrift (1944), the thaw of the night (1945), the blood that boils me (1946), the cry in heaven (1946), Star and heart (1949), the window to the street (1949), spring (1949) offensive, poem of creation (1951), seven Elegies to a time (1960), talks about viva (1964), new writings (1964), unanimous poetry (1967), secondary education (1974), function outdoors (1975), from here (1977), the paradise of knots (anthology) (1979)Green catwalk (1982), clay (1986), farther away than I am bitter (1987) and metamorphosis of the star (1988). Finally, in the same year of his death, was published the word or life (1989). And as said the voice of the Canarian social poetry: the poet is the people that die resists / sudden night where everything is forgotten.

/ Where there is no freedom there is no poet with life. / No bird flies where the air does not exist. Francisco Arias Solis Si quieres peace, get ready to live in peace with all men. Portal of Internet for peace and freedom and Forum Free.

Highend Market

January 25, 2013

The crushers should go to the high-end market The huge mining market and the recently integration policy in china s coal industry attracts foreign mining machinery enterprises invest in China; in nearly three months, there is a number of well-known enterprises in mining machinery entering the Chinese market; in order to remain a more stable position on the market, crusher and mining machinery must develop new technologies, and tend to produce large-scale and high-end products! A survey made by the Special Research Center of China s market economy shows that there are more than 200 types of rock mines including limestone ore, ore granite, fluorite ore, and other types of buildings are approve by the state. According to the survey, only new rock mining with investment less than 1,000 million needs 100 units of crushers. Therefore, we can say that China s huge infrastructure construction is a major contributing factor to the development of mining machinery. The sales of mining machinery in Chinese market beyond the North American market in 2008 and 2009; in 2010, China mining machinery production accounts to 50% of the world s s total output, crusher and ball mill top ranked. However, there are still a series of unfavorable factors existing in crusher industry in Chin; many mining machinery enterprises in China produces low-end production, for example, the total of various types of coal enterprises is up to 11,200, but the average annual production capacity is less than 30 million tons; the prevailing problems are low concentration, backward technology, low coal resources recycling and great waste of resources and environmental pollution. This fully exposed the level of mining machinery technology should be improved. Our current mining machinery enterprises are still hovering in the low-end market. Only research and develop new technologies, move to the high-end market, our crusher could occupy an invincible position in the market!

Planning Is Mandatory For Success

January 19, 2013

Every company aims to give a good impression through its web site. The design of your web page is a process that can be complicated and stressful. Below I will present some tips to develop your web site in a lapse of certain time and within planned budget. For suggestions for developing a new web site or enhance an existing one, read on. Carefully examines the foundations of your project a complete base is a necessity for the successful development of your web site, the considerations that you have are the number of pages that the site must possess and graphics that you manage onsite. These options can be classified into two types.

Which include issues related to customers and which include issues related to the company. The company or customers should report on their plans with respect to the purpose that you want in your web site, if it is to educate the user or sell something, to understand or to provide services, the frequency with which the site will be updated and the criteria for the measurement performance. To succeed in the development of your web site, it is necessary to include the points mentioned above in its stages starting them. These turn out to be very useful in the advancement of the project. On this basis, we can develop new strategies that may include the introduction of interactive formats on the web site such as; blogs, chats, live, videos, forums, animations, data bases and interfaces or registration forms. Web design custom templates web templates that are offered are attractive. These can be used as the basis to create sites quickly and easily accessible. Customers can choose the design of basic web sites, along with modest modifications, for example, the size of the font, colors, etc.

But very often the photos or logos should be created according to the measures and resolution of the template. If you are thinking in a sophisticated design, it is important to invest in a web design customized, for best results. Custom designs offer more opportunities for developers of web sites that the design of templates. The perfect mix for the creation of a site web is that is attractive and easy to use a web site should be easy to use and attractive in terms of design and technology. A web page should be easy to use and you must have the necessary keywords and meta tags for search engine optimization. A proper fusion of beauty, ease of use and search engine optimization is a prerequisite for an effective website.


January 5, 2013

GeoForum allows any citizen to insert information (texts, photos, videos, urls) on a map demarcated from the geolocation system online that Google Maps provides. This information is associated with a forum in which debate on the different points. On the other hand, the system administrator, may choose its own GeoForum categories and creating a Sitemap entirely to your choice, since any geographical area can be mapped. This completely free software (found under the GNU license) has many applications, as map of citizen participation (inclusion of city alerts, helps civic, architectural barriers, location of places of interest, tourism, etc) and even as informative tool in which is possible to know the opinion of the / ACE users on various topics (such as location of areas of recyclingworks, distribution points, points of municipal interest, business headquarters, etc.). The contents are created and managed by the real experts of each space, its inhabitants. To use GeoForum only need an Internet connection and your browser, does not require installation or update. GeoForum participates in the project Urban Labs OS, contributing and participating actively in the construction of a new concept of city. This software is already available in Sevimap (), (a map of the city of Seville in which places of interest have been inserted) and alerts (urban), (a map of the Barcelona’s town of Cornella de Llobregat and administered by the Cornella Net, in which the in which citizens show urban incidents to report to the City Council as well as other citizens) the application created by Kpacitaintended for municipalities and local entities, can be installed for free on and if you need to customize it with your corporate image or add capabilities visit.

Information Age

December 28, 2012

And the question I ask myself, is what do we do with all that numerous information. Do you want to say that as we are continually exposed to information, we are constantly forming us and learning? My opinion is that no, the learning does not occur by the mere fact of being in contact with information and knowledge, is necessary to have an attitude and take action. It is true that we often tend to hold in our mind information through repetition, but thats not training, simply retention, it is very possible that that information be forgotten if we move away from the source that transmits it. Then, you mean this that are continually sailing and that do not learn anything? Both as not learn anything not, but forget more information that we see and read Yes. To achieve a training quality must: 1. be selective when choosing information.

Everything on the Web is not valid and within the valid must be take into account the source of dissemination, the level that we have in certain topic (if we are novice, expert), if we are looking for articles, courses, videos 2. Not all information is free, but it is also true that not all the information has the same quality. So keep in mind that if you want to get a good training sometimes you will have to make some investment. But be careful here goes the same, to make investment for your training smart and learn the characteristics of the course, creators, people who have made it, satisfaction level, 3 achievements. For me the central element that must have a good training is the interaction and contact. It is true that before so much information we have become self-directed, but true that to acquire a learning significant is necessary to be in contact with other people, who can help you to solve doubts, share experience therefore believe that courses that have any platform where students can interact (forums, chats, conference rooms), already have a 80% of results achieved and if to this we add quality information and well structured, we have the perfect training. It would be like when we were in class and work with our companions side by side, following the lessons of the master. What happens is that we now do so from home, we select on what topic we want to form us and there are many more peers with whom we share these experiences, as well as more varied (ages, countries, levels of knowledge) in short, in the information age the formation is possible, moreover, training is accurate if we do not remain obsolete, but remember not all training is valid and of quality. Quality training = good information + structure + Interaction greetings, Maria Garzon Celebrity Tweets Help Raise Money For Charity Celebrity Psychings Google Introduces Mobile Codes To reduces Hacked Email Accounts, Advertising and Technology Blog in India The TMR Zoo Men s Entertainment deliver! Psychology of learning Editorial synthesis Blog Paco Prieto learning not only occurs in the classroom (part II).

Good Sponsor Success

December 28, 2012

Once we have our group of sponsored in our MLM business, whether one, two or more people, we must start their training and its follow-up, especially if they are inexperienced, I’ll expose 5 basic aspects that must be a good sponsor or sponsor. 1St the sponsor assumes the leadership role. This should be communicative and flexible, it is not question of friendships, we are here to do business, the sponsor must be cordial, but must not fall into the error of believing that you have a group of friends, not friendships are members, that comes with time and relationships in the long term, laying down a good leader with his work. First and foremost must have a firm and responsible attitude his example will serve to make the rest of the Group Act. The sponsored no haran whatever your sponsor tells you to do, but that do wonders what your sponsor makes.

Why a good sponsor must set an example. 2Nd sponsor should not waste time. With prospects that demonstrate a lack of interest and help if they have it, dedicate the time required, although at some sponsored cost them rather than the other, since not all are equal. Although what counts, as discussed, here is the attitude, giving motivation and adequate learning the sponsored acquires the necessary experience. 3Rd a great leader is a great person but is also a great Communicator.

Communication with your group is very important, you must teach new and stay in touch regularly with them, some have already acquired some experience before in the MLM business, but there are others that this will be your first time, to these recent habra that provide them greater attention and suministrales all the help they need, then they depend on the time you devote to the business. The success in business will come in proportion to that dedication, not will be blamed by the sponsor that the sponsored does not have success, if the sponsor has helped him and the sponsored does not develop what they learn, is the fault of this last, for that so it will not acquire experience and may not evolve. 4Th a good sponsor is not always the most comfortable. Therefore we should not thwart us nor annoy us when our sponsor impose on us more than ourselves and tell us where we failed and why we failed. It is your duty not to forget it. Long-term success is the goal to achieve, the sponsor is working to one day get leverage in business, delegate responsibilities in your group and build the leaders of tomorrow. 5Th there is never cease in the formation. There are leaders who take more than ten years in the MLM industry and follow a continuous training, continuously learning new things, exchanging ideas with other leaders, read books, asistien conferences, Exchange courses etc. A good leader should dump their knowledge, both those who already own as those who purchase with their learning, providing the highest possible value on your group, and this it has to make the most, depends on its success in MLM. Thanks and greetings. By your success and only your success in MLM.

Asturian Parliament

December 19, 2012

Fernando Goi will be chosen president of the General Meeting of the Principality. The PSOE will finally support the candidate of the PP, leaving it go to FACE. The deputy of the PP Fernando Goi will be chosen east Wednesday president of the General Meeting of the Principality of Asturias in the plenary session of constitution of the autonomic Camera with the votes of his group and of the Socialist. This agreement leaves outside the Table of the regional Parliament to Asturias Forum (FACE) and IU-Los Green. The deputy of the PSOE Fernando Flagstone, in declarations to journalists before entering the chamber, has explained that to their party the option of which presides over the Parliament the PP has seemed him " more conveniente" that if made FACE, because they did not want that he agrees with the party that the regional Government will preside over. " The option by the Popular Party seems better to us than the other alternative posible" , Lastra has said, that it has clarified that " it is not that &quot is an agreement; , but there was " to choose between the different options, or president of Forum or the PP; it will be of the PP". One hour before the plenary session began of constitution of the General Meeting FACE reiterated – after last night failing the negotiations a supply according to the PP for all the legislature, that it included to support to the Popular Party for the parliamentary Presidency and the support of the PP to Francisco Alvarez-Helmet for the Presidency of the regional Government. The age table that will direct the constitution of the Parliament has been designated spent the 12,05 hours and will take possession sixteen deputies from FACE, fifteen of the PSOE, ten of PP and four of IU-LV. Source of the news: The PP will obtain the Presidency of the Asturian Parliament with the support of the PSOE