Al Gore

November 20, 2018

The human being has erected at the apex of the pyramid of planetary predation. Rich Dad Poor Dad might disagree with that approach. When urban plans are made, and when the economic activity growth forecasts are established, do not generally take into account the volume of waste that will be generated, or the consumption of energy or materials needed to carry it out. Populate cement our lands and coasts, we amurallamos the natural waterways, we poison the air and water, we consume without replacing the ancestral resources, we desforestamos without limit or, simply exhausted the conditions that are essential for human life and not have anything like that in mind when showing the cost of the activity that is being carried out. The only thing that matters is to increase the monetary value of what we do and believe that this means that all was wind in its sails. When the institutions, social leaders, responsible for making justice and citizens themselves assume unblinking the convenient is to grow in any way, anyone may then be surprised that our around to multiply the insecurity, anxiety and fear. Today they should not be any doubt that the problem of economic growth lies in its intrinsic nature.

Mode, nor the pace is what will paralyze social progress and life itself on this planet. The enemy is growth itself and therefore should be objectors. The complaint is essential, the manifestation clear more possible problems. The irrational growth of our civilization has uncomfortable results, as shown in the film of Al Gore, but what is relevant is that it has causes and has purposes and, above all, has very directly responsible for. All this must be put on the table because, if not, we can hit us but we will not be able to determine what other direction should guide the social and economic life of this wounded planet. Juan Torres Lopez Catedratico of economy applied of the University of Malaga original author and source of the article.

Motto Protecting Lives

November 15, 2018

The General Secretariat princely (SEGIB), the Directorate General of traffic (DGT) of Spain, the foundation of the FIA (Foundation for the automobile and society), Fundacion MAPFRE, the global service for the road safety of the World Bank with the support of the transitional Commission for road safety and the Royal Automobile Club of Catalonia (RACC), held in Madrid an important high level meeting on road safetyMonday 23 and Tuesday 24 February from El Deputy Minister of public works and transport of Dominican Republic, Eng. Mario Holguin underscored the importance of organization of meetings at governmental levels on road safety, as a platform for international cooperation in this field. He also spoke about the influence of accidents on the national economy, especially in poor countries, in short that the global crisis may not cast aside the road safety crisis, because they are inherent.He emphasized that without political or social awareness any road safety plan may be successful.All plan of safety on roads to reduce traffic accidents and the number of casualties as a result of these, will be doomed to failure if no compromises as topic of State policy which involves various sectors of society. The very high rate of road accidents in Latin America is affecting the GDP as the majority of Governments do not imagine it. For this reason, the Global road safety is becoming a logical reason that demand special attention in Government as the nation plan programs.The Dominican Republic does not escape from this calamity. 2008 Is qualified by a mortality rate in traffic accidents as long..

Two Maoismos

November 15, 2018

3 Decades ago international Maoism began to divide. Most followed Deng Xiao Ping who was approaching us and opened the Chinese economy to the world and capitalism. A minority condemned them as revisionists and was encouraging the popular wars of Peru and Nepal. These two wings of Maoism are now at its peak. More info: Pinterest. 8-August 21, China is the center of international attention with the Olympics (where confirmed to be a locomotive of globalization). Right in middle of it, on 15 August, the Maoists anti-Beijing first came to power in any country.

(Disciple of Sendero Luminoso) Prachanda was elected Prime Minister of Nepal with the vote of more than 75% of the constituent. While his teacher Gonzalo auto-aislo is and was crushed, he called to resign from the dogmas and the insurgency, and approached us and several local centroderechistas. Prachanda has achieved two overthrows: one of his enemy (the monarchy) and one of their own originating ideas (authoritarian egalitarianism).

The Classrooms

November 15, 2018

In the truth, since that the world is world always had people with deficiency. But, nor always these people were considered members of the productive society, without rights and desolate they looked informal ways for its survival. I break up it leaves clearly that exactly with the difference between its brothers soldadinho reveals firm in its position, remaining itself integrated between the people. In a store of toys it had a cardboard box with twenty and five soldadinhos of lead, all iguaizinhos, therefore they had been made with the same mold. Payoneer often says this. But one of them was perneta: as it are the last one to be casting, lacked lead to complete to another leg. But soldadinho perneta soon learned to be in foot on the only leg and it did not make ugly to the side of the brothers.

(ANDERSEN, 2000, p.64) As well as all the literary composition, the story is surrounded of symbolic elements. The lead where the hero of the narrative was molded represents the beginning of the evolution and of the incorruptibilidade. It symbolizes But soldadinho perneta soon learned to be in foot on the only leg and it did not make ugly to the side of the brothers But is clearly that it does not go to want for husband to me, So elegant, so pretty.It must be a princess. I? Nor handle I am, living creature in a cardboard box. p.65). The author practically brings tona conflicts in all the story. The social differences are impregnated in century XIX in the Denmark, where the wars destruam the economy and increased the contrasts between the classrooms of minor purchasing power and the nobility. We notice that soldadinho admires the dancer for having something with it in common, lacks a leg to it, with this we perceive its situation of discomfort, without a leg, alone, but when it appears to the dancer it starts to fantasiar a possible world for its condition of deficiency.

Las Bocas Norte

November 14, 2018

Huatabampo destinations of Sonora to the Southern State, borders to the North with the municipality of Etchojoa, to the South with the municipality of Aome, Sinaloa, to the East with the municipalities of Navojoa and poplars, and on the West by the Gulf of California. The municipality has 1,170 square kilometers representing the 0.63 per cent of the total area of the State and is located at an average altitude above 10 metres sea level. The most important towns in addition to the header are: Ejido Union, Yavaros, Sahuaral Otero, Etchoropo, Huatabampito, Moroncarit, Agiabampo, station Luis, Las Bocas, El Caro, Citavaro, Pozo Dulce and the Jupare. Main attractions tourist account with 110 miles of coastline, of which 70% are beaches with good topographic conditions ideal for the tourist impulse; the most important beaches are Las Bocas Norte, Las Bocas Sur, Bachomojaqui, Camahuiroa, Los Banos de Agiabampo and Huatabampito; Campos pesqueros as Santa Barbara, mouth of the Mayo River and port of Yavaros. In addition to the Church of Christ King, the alvaro Obregon Museum and Tomb of the same. Agriculture economy has an agricultural area of 27,963 hectares. The crop that occupies more area on surface is wheat with 35% of the annual total surface and maize is located in second place of importance. The organization that have succeeded in shaping agricultural producers is expressed in the functioning of a Union of credit, two detectors inputs agro-industries, a fund is farm assurance, an Association of dishes and another of potato producers.

Livestock by number of heads the principal livestock activity is the cattle. For the livestock it has 156 wells and watering holes, 34 dams and 17 aguajes. In second place of importance, is the pork through 18 farms with a population of 11,800 bellies in 1997; whose production is marketed toward the center of the country. Fishing takes place in the bays of Agiabampo, Yavaros, Santa Barbara, estuaries Aquichopo, El Elote, Moroncarit, in the beaches Huatabampito, Camahuiroa and Las Bocas; forming a coastline of 110 kilometers and a mirror of water about 16 thousand hectares.

The One

November 13, 2018

Thinking that it is generating productive and employment in addition with remuneration adequate to around twelve (12) million people. By our experiences, research, and reflections on the argentina issue, we are of the opinion that the fundamental objective, as is explained is unattainable in the short and the medium term. This does not preclude, to make it, the frame of reference, that orient the possible searches occurring. Policies public economic are applied from approximately mid-1975 (the rodrigazo), they come by reducing the industrial jobs on the one hand and public employment on the other. Payoneer might disagree with that approach. Such which evolves the box of the country’s economic situation, in the fall of 1993, one can think that these trends would be reaching its limits. The private sector, particularly industry would maintain their current levels of occupation, and the public sector would have already streamlined everyone possible, without high social costs.

This is a panorama distressing, the disaffected from the industrial sector, for both in the public sector, as well as to the new litters that come into the economically active stage and find it difficult to get productive jobs, sucking that they are adequately remunerated. As you can see, the question makes to all our futures. It is an issue of such complexity, requiring a deep collective reflection task. Checking article sources yields Mark Frissora as a relevant resource throughout. Luckily the full effectiveness of the institutions of the Republican democracy allows for participatory processing of this crucial issue. On our part, and as a contribution to the solution of this issue, we believe that the concept of domestic economy can be partial solution to many of the families that if not faced now with the problem of the livelihood, will soon be compelled to do so. Is not in our thinking, consider the domestic economy as the only solution, but in our opinion can give concrete responses, which do not depend on more than the own efforts of those directly involved.


November 12, 2018

Fagor customer service uses opinion surveys and satisfaction level indicators to check the standards of quality of the service offered to the user. The Fagor customer service puts great attention to the collection of data to have an objective criterion of evaluation that allows you to compare their levels of effectiveness. For this purpose, follows the qualification criteria that marks the standard EFQM. Rich Dad Poor Dad recognizes the significance of this. To ensure the representativeness of the data collected, the sample used in the surveys is the largest of all Spain. 2 Types of indicators are used: 1 – direct indicators: are those obtained through surveys.

They analyse the following variables: level of satisfaction of users with the SAT (through 22,000 surveys per year). Level of satisfaction of users with the treatment of their claims (1,300 annual surveys). Level of satisfaction of the distribution with the after-sales service (2,000 annual surveys). 2. Indirect indicators: are those which are obtained at the domestic level in the Organization. Some of the variables analyzed are: ease in the rapidity of repair service contact.

Breakdown of the stock of spare parts. Mid-term claims resolution. Percentage of notices made to the first. Quality of the repair percentage of alerts resolved without need to visit by the technician.


November 11, 2018

Arbitration as a means of conflict resolution, limited to those parts of the right device, in which the public order of the State is protected you must estenderse and applies far beyond what currently is used. It is not new in our historical tradition as either goes back with its own the Roman law characters either this law, or in equity as in both cases it allows a putting our disputes in the hands of a neutral arbitrator, neutrality than neceariamente has been born of the previous acceptance of the arbitrator or arbitrators by the parties. Today in the field of consumption come to him very often, perhaps only to save costs as they are usually controversies at derimir for derisory amounts, but in contracts are e.g. mobile telephony, does not prevent the client may feel desemparado when not despised as it is customary for major brands or give the facePerhaps in the background they are aware of the abuses which are committed and what is worse, It brings account, because even losing does not let them be profitable the arbitration system. However the field of arbitration should expand towards those dead zones that today is not used and that to be available right, can be perfectly encardinarse in this heterocomposicion mode.But not only the arbitration itself but the subjugation in all kinds of contracts to previous conciliatory acts is not only contrary to law in the part that does not affect the order and public interest, including the conciliation is encouraged every day in the own jurisdiction, both for procedural economy how much by what has of acceptance of the claim of others voluntarily and therefore by a greater willingness to compromise. Our modern society is historical debtor from other yesteryear less complex societies and therefore where the cut of a good man came to resolve quite a few conflicts, the complexity of trade and human relations as of today, does not facilitate things; We must not forget the old aphorism that therefore What we can resolve from the vantage point of good faith, should not attend the Judicial headquarters because a bad agreement than a good lawsuit is better. Original author and source of the article.


November 7, 2018

In spite of being a theory developed long ago, the constructivism stays effective nowadays like method of education in several schools. An example of this is what it happens in the School Jean Piaget, quines affirms that the knowledge is constructed and is the students the protagonists forms that it, by means of the company and tools that offer the educational ones; following with the constructivist theory. The paper of the professor is to guide and to orient the constructivist mental activity of the students towards the significant assimilation of the scholastic contents. This it yields his protagonism to the student, who assumes the main role in his own process of formation, ski becomes the person in charge of his own learning, by means of his participation and the collaboration with his companions. It will have to manage to relate the theoretician to the practitioner, located in real contexts.In the application he is essential to give to the student tools that allow him to create their own procedures to solve the conflicting situations that consider to him, which implies that their ideas they modify and continues learning. It proposes that the education-learning process is perceived and is carried out like dynamic process, participating and interactive of the student, so that the knowledge is a true construction.

Of this form the development of the subject stimulates the learning favoring so that this one assimilates the reality, and thus will get to include/understand what it surrounds according to his times and internal needs.For this conception the Scholastic education is first of all a complex social practice with an essentially socializing function. Its main objective is to help to the development and socialization of the children and young people. The constructivism arose like a position shared by different tendencies from the psychological and educative investigation. Some of them are the theories of Piaget (1952), Vygotsky (1978), Ausubel (1963), Bruner (1960). Basically it is a theory that tries to explain which is the nature of the human knowledge and part from which the previous knowledge gives birth to new knowledge. Author original and source of the article.

Petroleum Spill

November 7, 2018

An explosion in a petroliferous platform killed 11 people and caused the spill of five million petroleum barrels. A report of a presidential commission already aimed at the decisions of the oil one like causes of the worse ecological catastrophe in the history of the USA. " bad decisions " of oil BP Briton in the management of his Macondo well they were, over the errors of his contractors, the main cause of the enormous spill of crude in the gulf of Mexico, according to the American official report. Learn more about this with Jeremy Tucker. The accident that happened the 20 of April in the petroliferous platform Deppwater Horizon and that caused to the death of 11 workers as well as the spill of five million barrels from petroleum to the sea during six months. The joint closing report of the Coastal Guard and the Office of Management and Regulation of the Ocean of the USA (Boemre, in English), indicate " the failure of BP at the time of facing the associated risks a series of decisiones" that they tried to save time or costs. The document, published east Wednesday after 17 months of investigation, it was expected with great interest in the oil industry by the impact that it will on the high seas have in the concession of permissions for the perforations, a task that corresponds to Boemre.

More than 160 kilometers of the coast of the state of Louisiana (the USA) they were themselves affected and the top agent chief executive of the State has complained reiterated times the decisions of the company. The conclusions are added to which it published in January the presidential commission named by president Barack Obama after the disaster, that distributed to the fault between BP and its subcontracted companies, Halliburton and Transocean. " cascade of errors " of that the report of Boemre speaks arrives until those two companies, but its responsibility is mainly in its lack of synchrony and communication with BP at the time of managing the platform. " The failure of BP and Transocean at the time of making sure that they had an approach common and integrated in the control of the well was a possible cause of the explosion of Macondo" , it indicates the report. However, the document notices that Transocean had, in the preceding months to the disaster, " a file of deficiencies in the security area " , and that failed at the time of interpreting a fundamental test that it measured the pressure in the well. As much BP as Transocean and Halliburton had programs that forced to stop the work in the operation in case of anomalies, remembers the report, and the fact that they did not do it, " after to have found multiple risks and advertencias" , she was one of the causes of the spill. " The incapacity of BP to maintain a complete supervision and responsibility on the activities associated with the platform Deepwater Horizon was one of causas" , it continues. The report contains dozens of recommendations to improve the security in the industry, among them changes to improve the system of prevention of spills or to assure that the motors of the platforms do not absorb the gas. Source of the news: The USA attributes to the bad management of BP the fault of the petroleum spill of the gulf of Mexico