Ukraine National Museum

October 17, 2011

Today, the National Museum opened a retrospective of the anniversary exhibition of paintings member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, professor of the Lviv College of Decorative and Applied Art. I. Yuri Trush Lesyuka to the 60-th birthday. 'Consciousness of my creative life begins where the center of the world – my native village Kovalevka that the Carpathian, but far from a fairy tale, interwoven with a remarkable foothills of nature, rich in folk art, Hutsul music and song – all this 'break' the soul of the time, when I can remember, the world lives and worries, and today, with all the metamorphoses of Development, with all the eclectic nature of our time ', – says Yuri Lesyuk. As noted by Ukraine News Lesya Generalyuk art, the artist took the reminder of the mystery objects' of the detached-grand inclusion of people in the ancient rites. " Exhibition of Olga Pogrebnoi Koch 'Earth-Sky' devoted mother Forty paintings and about fifty etchings presented in an art union 'Dziga' in the solo exhibition of Olga Pogrebnoi Koch. The exhibition, entitled 'Earth-Sky' is devoted to the memory of my mother the artist Mary.

'The exhibition is poured into my life because I declare themselves in this genre. This is very important for an artist … I have never worked in this genre and exhibited work. This is not the first Exhibition in life, but art – the first pictures are collected here for the last 5 years ", – said Olga Pogrebnaya Koch. As the news of the day in Lviv, Ukraine festival to be held "Town + + Sky Movies' on May 5 in Lviv during the celebration Day of the City with 22 hours, at Market Square will host a festival 'City + + Sky Movies'. According to the press service of the Lviv city council, during the Festival will broadcast the Ukrainian and European short films, comedy and The winning films festivals. All tapes dubbed into Ukrainian. 'For the first time this year we have partnered with a company "Arthouse Traffic" to hold the festival of short films and hope to continue to Lviv will organize similar festivals' – said head of marketing and cultural industries of the Lviv city council Bogdan Shumilovich.

Domain Registration

September 21, 2011

In this article we will talk about how to choose a domain name for your site correctly. Sound approach to the choice of domain name can not only result in more users, but also to become one of the most significant parts of the marketing campaign. But before you think about choosing a domain name, you must clearly understand that such a domain. The most simple and clear definition: The domain name (domain name, domain, domain name) – a more practical analog IP-address. Blast addressing emerged on the Internet for your convenience: it is much easier to remember domain address (for example, or), than four of IP-address. Domain address can contain letters, numbers, periods, and some other special characters such as "-".

Every domain name is unique on the network. To avoid duplication of Internet addresses of sites and there is a common information base domain in which the registration, reregistration and other operations on domains. So if a user dials into your browser the name of your site, anywhere except on your site it can get. To date, the administrator of domain names is public Organization of ICANN. Domain can be identified by an Internet resource, its geography and its belonging to one category or another site. For example address tells us that the site information orientation and its substantive part is devoted to the city of Volgograd. These highly desirable features to consider when choosing a domain name for your site. The first step is to choose a domain zone. Your choice should be based on the characteristics of a future project: if the content and target audience is global, with no express territorial loyalties, domain names are registered in corresponding "standard" domain (zone) depending on its purpose (COM – commercial organizations, ORG – non-profit organizations, NET – the organization providing the network, INFO – Information, BIZ – business, others – like). If the site is used as the primary language of a language other than English, and focus on geographically bound target audience, such domains are registered in the respective national zone.


September 16, 2011

Cons: It costs money, and money must be earned! 3. Studies show that only 15-20% of candidates find jobs for ads that appeared in periodicals. Not so much. But not so small that ignore the search method. Pros: Availability of periodical publications, its low cost, large volume of information. The most important thing when viewing the job – learn how to quickly cut off the useless junk. These are the ads who only steal your time and not worth the effort you spend on phone calls or travel to such employers.

Remember, good work and skilled labor – are indivisible. Therefore, the main feature a good employer – a requirement of your specific skills. Cons: According to statistics, one of the editors of such newspapers – often these newspaper you will not find a job Top echelon. 4. Job search through the network Internet.

Accommodation at special sites on their job resume. Pros: Actually it is the fastest way from the applicant to the employer. With a few mouse clicks, you open up such features such as: Ability to create and edit a summary of several of its ability to resume sending your resume to the job you are interested in convenient summary update date View statistics of your resume Quick and easy search for jobs Cons: As soon as you visit several sites of low-quality employment and place where your ads, your e-mail starts bursting with spam. You'll be getting bunches letters written by different people, but about the same phrases: "An astonishing sentence," "Especially for You," "You're looking for high-paying job ?…," Many people have already earned thousands of dollars just in this way … "Usually it comes down to what a few hryvnia" benefactors "are ready to bestow you some incredible business plan, through which you earn a fortune. Should I once again explain that tales of fabulous wages with minimal effort – this is a bait for "suckers"? Who does not believe – let check.

Cost Of Cats Of Different Breeds

September 7, 2011

Sooner or later, every animal lover decides to make sure any representative of the fauna in their home. Often, in view of availability and simplicity of animals, the choice falls on the cat. Today, the cat's market can affect anyone, only superficially familiar with this type of business. A variety of species is truly enormous, everyone will be able to find exactly the breed of cats, which suits him for several reasons. Another thing – the cost of which likely to scare most people, aiming at the acquisition or unusual, for example, rare breeds. Formation of the market sale of cats in Russia occurred in the last decade, the 20th century and early twenty-first.

Now this market is fully formed, but strongly developed, due to the fact that the cats are in demand and trade in human beings (in this case, cats) brings very good profit. And everything is good, but prices are sometimes very scare buyers. What repelled sellers of purebred cats, assigning the cost? In the first place, provided that the seller dobroporyadochen, they repel each other on demand. Demand is always there, but purebred kittens for everyone at once is not enough and, therefore, is sifting customers through over-pricing. It is absolutely normal and it is present not only in the cat market. The second factor, perhaps more urgent than the first, a pedigree cat. Even kittens are the most simple and accessible rock with a perfect pedigree will cost the buyer a tidy sum, not to mention the rocks, like a sphinx, Abyssinians, and the like. So that all who wish to buy a thoroughbred kitten would have to choose between price and quality, that is, either to buy a kitten 'with hands' cheaper or turn to professional breeders, the price of cats who will be significantly different in the big party.

Good Professional Shampoo

August 6, 2011

Professional shampoo, professional hair mask How do they differ from the "unprofessional"? Is any tool more expensive 200 rubles per 300 ml can be called a professional or business after all, not only in price but also in quality? According to professional hairdressers and stylists, all those shampoos for hair that are not marked with "professional shampoo and are sold in retail stores rather than in specialized stores for professional hairdressers, are only a means to remove from the hair of dirt and excess fat. Yes, all these non-professional shampoos that are sold in "home chemistry" in every supermarket vary in price, promises on the label by brand, but in general they have one common feature – make the hair clean and soft. If you have naturally good hair, you'll soon need. But if you have any problems, such as dandruff, split ends, dry scalp or hair loss, then you will be able to help only professional hair care products. Of course, the labels of conventional shampoos also write that they are effective enough and sometimes they really help.

But if the disease is hair a little more serious, without professional help is not enough. Professional shampoos and professional hair masks are more pronounced therapeutic properties. Such tools are designed really to deal with hair, not just for washing and the creation of softness. Professional shampoos are created for many different hair types: for normal, oily, combination hair, dry, thin and flaccid, for damaged or improper care environment, dyed, bleached or Streaked, hair-perm for straight hair, wavy, curly, long and short, zdlya people elderly and children, dandruff shampoo, especially for blondes, brunettes, for painted in bright colors of hair. Any of these types require special care. Most manufacturers of common household shampoos do funds with a broader spectrum of activity, due to which one vehicle can fit a much larger audience, while professional shampoos aimed at improving the quality of hair individually.


August 3, 2011

Preparing for results – business, at times, difficult. Ingoda is comparable to preparing for exams during the session if the teachers are extremely high standards and corrosive. Moreover, in contrast to the session, The situation is compounded by the fact that, in parallel, there are other items that should be taught, albeit to a lesser extent. But all this is accompanied by distraction, which, of course, has a negative development. That is why very important advance to find out from senior students especially the situation in one way or another department to surrender offset not brought with it surprises. And, should not be limited to single views and experience in one or two students who have overcome difficulties, not to get orientation on rumors and nothing more.

To be found out several people reveal the contradictions and draw attention to their mood. Learn about how it takes the credit or that teacher, makes sense only when you know in advance who will take you. Otherwise, it is very dangerous to rely on the best option. The probability of this is too small. On our site you'll learn about the eight simple rules of successful preparation for the offset in a short time.

Original Designs

July 27, 2011

The original design, professional pre-press, the use of expensive paper for flyers, varnishing can distinguish goods or services among others. Depending on the advertised goods or services and the type of target audience Leaflets can be certain image or information contain quotations or just describe the features and benefits of products to be full color or black and white, produced on heavy coated or thin paper. The size of leaflets can also be different, but are standard leaflets A4 (210 x 297 mm). In addition, the leaflet may be unilateral or bilateral. Any product or service should be advertised. Handbill – the most widespread and democratic form of advertising presentation. Leaflet distinguish the relevance of content, a relatively large circulation, a small time production and distribution, krotkosrochnost use. Its popularity is mainly associated with the low price producer leaflets variety of options and formats, high quality image.

Today leaflets in different variations can be found at the presentations, the subway, on the streets, in offices and many more where. Leaflets are distributed through the mailboxes on the natural parking lot, from hand to hand, or simply invest in the printed editions. Attractive appearance leaflets will make a favorable impression of the company to the buyer. Perfect look for the flyers – that it acted as business cards, as well as provide additional information – contact information or location map. To return from listovochnoy products was high, it is necessary to use large print on the leaflet. This method is designed to interest at a distance – if the person takes a leaflet – large Part of the problem has already been completed successfully. Filling in this case should be simple and accessible for everyone.

Most of the flyers contain the following elements: visual imagery, the information block with the description Product and contact information. Any good leaflet contains a hidden reference to the consumer. For the design of promotional flyers must have the following elements: a company logo, contact info, graphic materials (slides, photos, tables) and text information. For nagladnosti describe technical products you can put graphics or charts. Most often used offset printing of leaflets, but there are occasions when production of leaflets stayed a day or two, or several hours, for example, it is necessary to reprint any promotional material for the exhibition – in this case comes to the aid of digital printing flyers. Digital printing, thanks its production characteristics, do not require a long time to prepare for printing leaflets, and the costs of running the circulation is much smaller than the offset, and thus the cost to small circulations significantly below. Distinguished by ease of preparation and speed, digital printing does not lose the strengths of offset printing – accurate color, a variety of formats, high resolution. Quite often, flyers combine several functions: price, location map and the actual advertising of the leaflets. Therefore, the leaflets are useful in different situations: the spread in the mailboxes, public places, memo and price in the care of the customer's office, layout in a special rack for flyers. Printing of leaflets can be carried out in different ways: digital printing, offset printing or distribution. Each of them has pros and cons. The main advantage of digital printing is speed. Therefore, in small print runs, it is indispensable. Offset technology allows for virtually any color – Metallic, Pantone and folic. Duplication – is the cheapest way to print leaflets with very severe restrictions on color.


July 12, 2011

But if you've developed 5 products in one or two of them are much more likely to become the best selling. Beginners often raises the question of what to create their products? I repeat: explore your market and find out what people expect of you, what issues of interest to them most. Create a product in one of the issues. Then in another way. Do this again and again! Key # 3: Properly Promote blog! Now let us turn to the issue of promoting your blog.

People only starting their business on the Internet often ask themselves: "How can I quickly move my blog?". On the wrong questions are given the wrong answers, and therefore make mistakes. It would be better to ask yourself: "What do I do to on my blog had more buyers?" Certainly, if one blog is 300 visitors a day, and the other only gets to 100. Who will have more success? And now another question, if 300 visitors went to the blog by accident and remained indifferent to the proposals, and 100 visitors to another blog, which specializes in selling houses, for example, were real estate agents. Who will have more sales? Accordingly, there is little promote your blog, you need to focus on how to attract him as much as possible targets buyers! Key # 4: Use a helper! Over time, your business will grow in large sizes, and you will find it increasingly difficult deal with it alone. Learn to delegate responsibilities, involving associates from outside. Change your blog, do a daily marketing, make a script to find some information for you on the World Wide Web.

All this is quite possible to reassign the freelancers. Absolutely everything in the Internet business can be transformed into the system. Some projects are more difficult than others, but they are all doable. Therefore, do not try to do everything yourself. For all you simply do not enough time and effort. Give yourself the most important things that no one except you can not solve. For routine, everyday routine, consuming a lot of time and effort to Attract assistants! Good luck in your business!

Repair Of The Key. Aesthetics Of Your Home .

July 11, 2011

Selection of a firm that could correctly and at an affordable price make the entire set of design development, construction or finishing activities, always requires an individual approach. Depending on the condition of the building, its practical orientation (manufacturing, sleeping, using public or corporate) should be developed and an outline of work on the construction of a building or decoration. By selecting a company to which you will be able to entrust the implementation of specific work required to answer several important aspects. Chief among such issues, whether you aspire to make building or finishing activities in a number of stages or more convenient for you repair a key? Responding to this question, you will be able to appropriately select and organize, or one that produces only one aspect of the work, either – one that can be at a considerable level to produce all the required procedures for planning, construction or finishing. The second aspect can be associated with the filling of space technology elements. What specific parts of household appliances and Mechanics needed in this building and where they are required to be placed – at least to some.

This will solve the nuance of forming wiring structure. Here we must not forget that the organization is done by the electrical Moscow must have appropriate licenses, and the artisans who produce such action – an adequate specialization. Only in this version of the wire can actually be formed by all the rules and do not give you any sort of problems. Everything that can touch the wiring, the integration of all sorts of devices and equipment, must necessarily first thing in line with the company. Masters must not only pave the wiring, but also to investigate capabilities of the electrical substation. And while the need to give advice on the amount of load power, which is valid in this case.

It is necessary for fire safety, and including business continuity office. And, of course, extremely significant nuances specific interior design solutions. Depending on the final destination is folded and line design. Traditional interior design and interior sets the optimal placement of items of furniture, all sorts of areas in the room, but not limited to specifically permit the finishing tasks. Design – is a practical matter, therefore, the project design prepared by essentially the same step as the sketch directly building. This provides the ability to use a qualitative way all the options room. Giving an answer to these three nuance, you can pick up really the best organization to be able to perform all the required types of activities.

Which Are Contracts For Differences (CFD) And To Serve .

February 14, 2011

The contract for differences, known as CFD is a financial derivative. As such are established on an underlying and allow us to operate either upward or downward. It is a relatively new product in Spain, although in other countries were well established. The underlying can be of various types. The best known are CFDA s stock, but there are brokers that offer CFDA s on indices, currencies or commodities. There are three major advantages of the CFDA s relative to the traditional investment: firstly the ability to access markets not traditionally accessible to the retail client, as the commodity or index. Access to such markets is done through other derivatives such as futures, which require more guarantees. In the operation CFDA s assurances that future are lower, allowing the small investor access to these markets.

The second advantage is the ability to operate either upward or downward. You can sell without having a perfectly CFD purchased before, as happens with other types of derivatives and with the advantage that they have no expiration date. The third advantage is that it allows financial leverage. Since we only have to deposit a small amount as collateral, you can buy more of the same underlying capital. This warranty puts the broker, but typically for Spanish market shares is 10% of the total. The operation CFDA s as simple as when you go to buy shares at the normal market, with the advantage of leverage.