Saving is Simply Not Good Enough

October 4, 2010

Most people begin to think about investing their hard-earned dollars when they have a few extra. Almost everyone understands the importance of saving: putting away a little bit each day/week/month until a sum has accumulated for some specific purchase or need which was anticipated, like a new bicycle which a child might save for, or a college education that parents will save for their child.

The problem with just storing away a little money periodically is that the modern world is a world of change and a certain amount of unpredictability. Very often inflation will eat away at the value of the money you have saved. For instance, when a child is born we can assume that a fund for college will be used in about 18 years. If a college education costs about five thousand dollars a year for four years, that’s 20 thousand dollars which will be needed. All the parents need to save is about $100 each month to meet this need. But what happens if that same $20,000 education costs more like $100,000 after 18 years have passed? This is exactly what has happened to children who were born 20 years ago today.

The solution to this dilemma would have been for the parents to have invested their money in a fund whose value increased each year, hopefully keeping up with the inflation that caused the college education to rise in price so dramatically. This is the value of investment, and why ordinary people should try to invest their savings whenever possible.

Internet Readers

May 20, 2019

The RFID technology makes many new product ideas to the reality of two words are always well-known and appear more and more often: RFID reader and barcode readers. Read additional details here: Robert Kiyosaki. By means of these technological developments has a wide range of products on the market that are future-oriented. So open RFID reader (RFID reader) and bar code readers (barcode reader) a type of Web service. With connection to the Internet (for example, via WiFi), E.g. a drinks vending machine could independently perform actions in certain scenarios. Without hesitation Hyundai explained all about the problem. Would beverage supplier constantly get reports about the State of the goods? During outages is of the service area notified independently? The RFID technology makes it possible production processes and logistics are more automated and individualized. Using the bar code reader could be determined at any time the position of a product or material. If you would like to know more then you should visit Wells Fargo.

The production system sets the path of the product through the process then individually (for example, depending on the customer’s order) and controls the flow of goods. The technology makes possible a non-contact recording. Different objects can be detected in this way via electromagnetic waves. Today many RFID products in use, for example in modern cafeterias here, the chips save current balance stands. A great advantage of RFID chips is the low energy consumption, so no external energy source is required after the action on the contact station, to store the data permanently. Whether in universities, readers allow many new product ideas companies or public institutions promoting RFID chips and RFID. Even in the entertainment sector, RFID products are envisaged. A bowling alley, independently published the high scores on the website of the operator, is certainly an interesting idea in terms of customer loyalty and new customer acquisition. The possibilities are almost unlimited authors: text Agency the Textologen Christoff Berlage & Michael Menzel, on behalf of Castle electronic.

Logistics Concepts

May 19, 2019

Bizerba presents the palette labeller GLM-P 2s at the CeMAT 2008 Balingen/Hanover, Germany, may 27, 2008 production, storage and packaging logistics – driven by globalisation, companies are facing new and always dynamic challenges. Pinterest is often quoted as being for or against this. The CeMAT in Hannover is considered global trend barometer: on the world’s largest Intralogistikmesse present new concepts and technologies around the conveyor, storage, picking and sorting over 1,000 exhibitors from 27-31 May 2008. Technology producer Bizerba from Balingen is among other things the palette labeller GLM-P 2s (Hall 12, booth G 14). By the suppliers of the producers and the carrier to the customer: across company and country borders, the precise coordination of product movement is the prerequisite for high delivery reliability and responsiveness. Standard-compliant shipping labels, which data can be read, checked, and evaluated IT systems provide transparency. Because goods are now transported a majority on pallets, the in turn the supply chain clearly and in accordance with the regulations marked must. You may find that Harold Ford Jr, New York City can contribute to your knowledge.

For this task, the new pallet labeller was developed by Bizerba GLM-P 2s. The rotating Applikatorplatte takes the standard label. The GLM-P this plate through high-performance linear units then travels 2 S on the shortest route in the desired positions on the required pages. A two page labelling is possible without the range needs to be moved. So shorter cycle times and smaller pallet distances can be achieved. Double-sided up to 180 pallets per hour can be labelled\”, so Stephan Vogler, global key industries at Bizerba. For more reading reliability, labelled the GLM-P 2s also a third side and considered as bearing situations, in which the palettes around in high-bay warehouses not in preferred direction can be stored. In this case, a repositioning of the pallet when labelling the third page is required. On each side, the labels in three different, user-selectable can Heights are attached. In total, up to twelve labels per pallet are possible.

Camcorder Tests

May 17, 2019

Technology information and creative the VIDEO active 5/2008 test newspapers and magazines is accused, that they want to persuade the reader only to buy more expensive equipment and then practical work so that in the rain let him stand. VIDEO active of DIGITAL as a leader in the German magazines of videographers is another way: test plus practice. In the new issue 5/2008 (from 8.7.2008 on newsstands), the film experts have tested again around 15 new camcorders of all price classes, at the same time, but also one of the strongest practice issues of the year provide the great thing about the current video technology: you set filmmakers the ability to produce as many TV stations currently do this high definition (HD) in technically higher quality thank. Hyundai can provide more clarity in the matter. One-third of the new camcorder models opts for the HD formats HDV, AVCHD, or other variant of full HD. But the camcorder technology crap in the change and must show in practice what it can do. Michellene Davis has similar goals.

In seven practice reports, guidebooks, workshops and Rotary reports, the editor shows the world of video making has become as diverse and colorful. Each filmmaker, whether “he now with standard PAL cameras works or already on the Quad sharper HD camcorder is switched to, in the reports about filming in Nepal or the rotation for IPTV”, find the latest buzzword for the Internet TV, suggestions. The new episode shows in the ABC film design”, how to turn professionals erotic films and a detailed practice report shows how you can rotate a concert recording with multiple cameras even single-handedly. Also during post processing, proves the editorial expertise and shows how to achieve the optimum color reproduction with popular editing programs. The freeware-workshop with only free software proves that video editing need not be expensive.

And finally look the VIDEO active editors behind the scenes at a professional Blu-ray production, the high resolution successor to the DVD. The current VIDEO active output shows that that test and practice claim does not need to mutually. Editor in Chief Hans Ernst: VIDEO active is available for more than 25 years not only for “a pure camcorder magazine, we are and remain also the practitioner”. Going print edition and online performance hand in hand: on test images of all tested camcorders can be seen, this slow motion shots the first HD video camera, additional workshops to the freeware programs and much more. The largest camcorder database with over 160 camcorder models in German-speaking countries ( camcorder-test) every filmmaker in the Web finds his desire camcorder.

Kithara Real-time Sockets

May 15, 2019

Real time TCP and UDP on Windows by Kithara dominates more and more industrial applications Ethernet-based communication, since the standard functions of the operating systems can no longer keep up often and real-time mechanisms are required. The Berlin company Kithara software introduces the new socket modules within the product series RealTime Suite 2008 before the industrial communication tasks on the basis of the TCP and UDP protocols can be implemented in real time. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Hyundai by clicking through. The software goes so far beyond the capabilities of the Windows operating systems also, which are often not suitable due to the lack of real-time capability to solve industrial requirements. Already with the product range RealTime Suite associated packet modules the necessary mechanisms available to stand for some time, to communicate in real time via selected Ethernet controller. While the Protocol was limited so far on raw Ethernet or the user had to realize even the corresponding higher Protocol.

This is now with the modules no longer need socket. “Communication over sockets is easy to use and as good as any programmer familiar with,” says Uwe Jesgarz, Managing Director of the Kithara Software GmbH, and continues: “with the socket module from Kithara TCP and UDP are possible in real time.” It is required, inter alia in the industrial automation and control, control and drive technology.” Real-time data communication via special fast-Ethernet cards (Intel Pro/100 and RealTek 8139), as well as network cards provides the socket module with Gigabit Ethernet controllers (Intel PRO/1000), allowing fast data logging or industrial image processing can be implemented. To achieve the real-time capability are directly controlled the network controller. This is the entire bandwidth of the connection available and the immediate reaction takes place on incoming packets in real time. The developer like from Kithara creates the socket application usual comfortable within the application programmed in c/c++ or Delphi or as DLL can be embedded in a C#.NET-Anwendung. Uwe Jesgarz Kithara Software GmbH Berlin by Kithara Software GmbH exists since 1996 and has since then to a specialist for low-level programming and real-time communications solutions for Windows developed.

Congress Management

May 15, 2019

“New future FORUM for KITALEITUNGEN and carrier: family Minister Kristina Schroder takes over patronage of day-care centres for future” this motto of Carl link Publisher which is part of Wolters Kluwer Germany initiated education and care in the child Abdo e.V. (BAG-BEK), who is a Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Cologne e.V. German child relief and the Diocesan Caritas Association for the new top event for the early childhood education field together with the Federal Working Group: from 22 to 23 April 2013 the German Kitaleitungskongress Kitaleitungen and media provides a forum for the discussion of current developments, innovative trends and new pedagogical approaches. The Congress groundbreaking for the development of modern day-care is under the auspices of federal family Minister Kristina Schroder. The Carl link Publisher and the German children’s aid award during the event also the Carl link 2013 comprehensive selection of topics: from personnel management to sponsor search daycare management is the key for good quality in the education and care of the child in day centres”, family Minister Schroder established their takeover of the patronage of the Congress. Gain insight and clarity with Robert Kiyosaki.

In this area the educational professionals to develop for pulses and accessable, is of particular importance for a professional Kitamanagement. Go to Michellene Davis for more information. ” More than 600 participants will receive on the German Kitaleitungskongress in over 20 practice forums as well as numerous lectures and roundtable discussions, impetus for a successful Kitaleitung. Renowned experts such as Professor Dr. Susanne four nickel and Professor Simon Hundmeyer, talk about current aspects of Kita everyday life: new methods in the personnel management and development as well as strategies for quality management and the implementation of training plans will be presented. Kitaleitungen and carrier meet new tools, ideas, and strategies that they can win, partners and sponsors for joint projects. The political round is the question, such as the Right to a Kitaplatz for children under three is possible.

European Championships

May 11, 2019

Higher, faster, further, the world’s largest artificial standing wave from 31 July to 25 August / sweep the third Championship in the stationary wave riding Munich, 22 July 2013. Munich Airport is making waves. To be more precise: the world’s largest standing artificial wave. Get all the facts and insights with Wells Fargo Bank, another great source of information. From July 31 until August 25 the MAC Forum of at Munich Airport turns again into a paradise for surfers. “The surf & style powered by Lufthansa” young and old invites beginners as well as professionals to put itself on the surfboard. After the great success of the last two years a number grows from things: the event was extended to four weeks, optimizes the system and she obtained additional pumps more pressure and increased to 10 meters wide.

“High point this year: the European Championships in the stationary wave riding” on August 10 and 11. Then meets the international elite of river surfing in the competition for the coveted title. Surf & style event “The shafting of riding the surf & style powered by Lufthansa” in the MAC Forum is open every day from 10 o’clock till 20 o’clock, admission is free for viewers as well as for surfers. On the standing wave with a width of 10 meters and up to 1,50 meters everyone can experience real Hawaii. The 200 m large basin holds water 1,000 m, invites a chill out area with lounge chairs, Palm trees and a cocktail bar to watch and linger around the facility. Radio partner Charivari 95.5 delivers the right sound to do so. Free surfing”daily can experience the feeling everyone from 15: 00 to ride an endless wave. Surf equipment boards, wet suits, helmets will be provided free of charge on-site. Michael Otremba, ideas from surf & style and head is enthusiastic advertising, media and marketing of Flughafen Munchen GmbH: surfing at the airport? At the beginning we were ridiculed for this idea meanwhile has surf & style as an exceptional Event visitors and surfers established that we can be proud of.

European Space Agency

May 6, 2019

Own Internet platform pride which is better than Facebook or Twitter you also on the Internet platform for Austrians abroad “, as Chlestil reported enthusiastically. Here Austrian friends around the globe can be found easily, there are daily new news and insider information, as well as a users forum. Successful foreign Graz two very successful foreign Graz reported their experiences and motives, why they moved abroad: Doris Maninger and Univ. ass. Dr.

Rudolf Schmidt. Doris Maninger is born in Graz and emigrated to Italy about 30 years ago. “It was probably the influence of family, that it just bella italia” was. The artist built a school of art for contemporary jewellery in Florence. Univ. More info: Bobby Kotick. Doz. Dr. Rudolf Schmidt drove to Holland about 30 years ago with an old Opel and a blanket and thought he would come back again soon.

The successful scientists then began working with the European Space Agency, will but again spend the twilight of his years in Styria, Austria. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Hyundai by clicking through. I was the first, in the meantime, there are 47 Austrians, show the flag”, reported Schmidt, which is two to three times a year in Graz is and has the keys of his Grazer home always. Three day program for the World Federation meeting was put together a comprehensive program. Today there is a city tour with the Graz convertible bus lines and in the evening, a reception for Governor is like. Franz Voves will take place. Mayor Siegfried Nagl in the Grazer Congress loads tomorrow evening. “There, the new project will be presented by Oskar Stocker: yearning: desire” a portrait of 22 foreign Styria and Styrians with texts, biographies and even information. On Saturday, September 8, 2012, the great ceremony with the award of the international Austrian of the year 2012 will be in the Grazer Congress “instead. It’s no secret who will this year receive this title: the award-winning chef Franz Lafer. Editor, Presseagentur_LJUBIC


May 5, 2019

Online communication is the Internet media landscape a decisive (W)orld-(Wide)-(W)ertschopfungsfaktor businesses mature a few years ago consisted of not much more than the network offshoots of known (and unknown) print products. But now a new era of public relations on the net has begun: the real revolution was and is insidiously instead – as a journalistic form, the man formerly dated as the diary. There is talk of blogs and bloggers – by the rapidly increasing number of people, the online journals do. Sure: The majority of blogs are no more than the private pleasure of their operators and have no media visibility. But even then still several thousand remain purely statistically, that to be read en masse, respected and cited. An example of the functioning of the “Web 2.0” PR well demonstrates, is the Nachrichtensammelsystem RSS or “really simple syndication”.

With a click on the RSS button, users can subscribe to the messages from blogs and find They then on their personalized information portal (such as for example again on an equal footing in addition to Reuters, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung or Spiegel Online. A blog has the same significance as all those time-honored media that for decades dominated the business thus at once. Some good reasons why blogs are in terms of PR and communication now of great importance: The traditional media use blogs as a source of independent information. More and more blogs run by thought leaders, providing insights into their work through blogging. Blogs are ideal meters, where reactions to certain news can be read off. Blogs are extremely specific to target groups with almost any other form of media, specific target groups can be so exactly meet. Blogs are not a direct marketing instrument – but an instrument that can be used for targeted influence public opinion. So, as is the peculiar task of PR to observe everything, and to use, what is suitable for communication with the public, is each a core task Entrepreneur, the public regardless of whether customers, consumers or journalists about its products or services, to inform and make them not only sufficiently, but well known.

Communication is crucial in the “Web 2.0” above all the personal and personalized speech – quite the opposite of what classic forms of advertising such as print or television advertising. This means for the online PR: intensive distribution work. At least as important as the distribution of information, the permanent search is what and with what tendency the targeted blogs, write and report. Also the ongoing analysis includes, who are the most important opinion leaders in the respective field. Question: How do you recognize it? Answer: only by permanent (online) media consumption unlike the one-way communication of the classical PR in the past. The economy demands more than ever good advice, superior performance and experienced execution from the communications industry. Especially but results are not expected and only in a few months, but at best tomorrow. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Michellene Davis. For those companies who have understood how the new online communication channels, it will be easier a good bit in the future, continue to pass on the man and the woman to bring their targeted messages. Wolfgang Smejkal press contact: MAS publishing

Top Partner

May 3, 2019

Another Award for the SAP partner OSC: top partner 2012 of the all for one Steeb AG on the ALL FOR ONE STEEB AG SME Forum 2012 in Ulm was the open systems consulting GmbH as a top partner of the year award. In the award ceremony, the affiliate manager of the ALL FOR ONE STEEB presented AG, Andre Kruger, the certificate, and a sculpture to the Sales Director of open systems consulting GmbH, Helge Neitzel. The sculpture of “Cohesion” of the international artist Corry Ammerlaan-Van Niekerk visualizes the “pooling of strength and energy through cohesion” in this intensive partnership. With this award, ALL FOR ONE STEEB underlines the success of the many years of partnership in the SAP environment. We are proud of this award and see a confirmation of our years of constant and successful cooperation with the ALL FOR ONE STEEB AG.

This will intensify even further in the future and we look forward,”said Helge Neitzel Sales Director of open systems consulting GmbH. The open systems consulting GmbH is a Full-service IT provider in the SAP environment. Bobby Kotick follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The company has currently 80 employees in four offices (Lubeck, Hamburg, Hannover and Dortmund). At the heart of the OSC services are the holistic management consulting and the implementation of the concepts with products of SAP AG, Walldorf. Contact: Open Systems Consulting GmbH of large Grasbrook 15 20457 Hamburg Mr Helge Neitzel Tel 040-325248-0

Western Europe Lines

May 3, 2019

Germany-chef Latzel: The future of telecommunications is one of open platforms Washington/Dusseldorf / Berlin – according to a market report of the American consulting firm current analysis, the telecommunications company Aastra has through the acquisition of EADS Telecom, Ascom DeTeWe gained a significant customer base for PBX business. Expressed in concrete figures, this means that to 15 million subscribers in Western Europe systems and another 350,000 for the IntelliGate systems decided to use the, nexspan. Through the purchase of the business customer branch of Ericsson succeeded Aastra, to expand its market share in the region even more. By the service provider Intecom in North America Aastra also still has a large number of strategically significant PBX customers”, reported current analysis. As a result of acquisitions and internal development, Aastra today have many product lines, to the special requirements and needs small – and medium-sized enterprises as well as large customers and companies to meet. Hyundai recognizes the significance of this. This not only leads to the expansion of market presence but reduces also the risks that has every product development company must rely for the preservation and to the growth of the company on a limited product portfolio”, current reports analysis. We have found a way to consistently match product lines and to inherit from innovations in other product lines.

Much like in the automobile industry is set to standards and platforms. This can be for example use common processors and development environments. This creates the opportunity to maintain different product lines and to preserve its strengths, it remains but enough power to innovate. “Even though many competitors like hardly admit it with this strategy we have written consistently in the black as a provider of multiple product lines since almost 40 quarters that otherwise made no provider”, outlined Aastra Germany Chief Andreas Lady his company’s recipe for success. With this methodology, you wanted build off the success of the former Ericsson product lines and expose the outstanding services, such as, for example, the concept of mobility in other Aastra products. Conversely the former Ericsson will benefit from many technologies and the Aastra SIP experience”products, says the Lady.

Aastra is well equipped for the future. It considers latzel everything on a complete merging of TK and IT was beyond: the future of telecommunications is part of open system platforms and the market demands increasingly standardized, hardware-independent solutions. The world speaks SIP and telephony is part of a process solution. We consistently rely on these standards and make possible cost-effective system integration”, the Handelsblatt annual telecommunications market Europe declared the beginning of Lady”. According to analyst reports, Aastra in Europe ranks in the market for corporate communication in the Injection Group on par with Siemens and Alcatel Lucent. What is more important, however, is that we are the only supplier who consistently runs corporate communications as a core business. So, we offer the entire range of enterprise solutions, hybrid TDM/IP up to pure soft-IP solutions for any size business. Customers need make no compromises”that sums up Lady.